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Helping students learn English as a Second Language(ESL).


Since 2011, English Salon Workshops have provided an opportunity for  students to learn English as a Second Language (ESL). Workshops are developed and designed using educational Project Based Learning Methods (PBLM.) Today, 34 Universities and Colleges throughout Asia use English Salon Workshops to help their students become job ready for international careers.


Our workshops build on school/teacher lesson objectives to increase students' language learning level. The goal of our workshops is to encourage students to become fluent in speaking, reading and writing in English.

Our English Salon Workshops develop confidence in using English as a Second Language (ESL). 


English Salon Workshops provide students with an opportunity to apply their formal classroom lessons. Our workshops are designed for students to “Learn by Doing”. Students learn in a student centered/student focused relaxed teaching environment.

English Salon Workshops provide students with an informal, fun and interesting learning experience.


The English Salon Language Foundation provides funding for the “English Salon Workshop”. The English Salon Foundation is a private non-profit organization.

Since 2011, English Salon Workshops have been conducted in Vietnam, China (Mainland), Hong Kong, Philippines and South Korea. All English Salon Workshop services are provided free and at no charge for teachers and students. Our workshops provide educational support for teachers working abroad teaching English.

Teachers are encouraged to use English Salon Workshop as an educational supplement to enhance the students’ learning environment. Teachers are encouraged to share, build and create English Salon Workshop ideas into their own curriculum.

The keystone of the English Salon Educational Foundation is to encourage teachers to learn from each other and strive to continuously improve as a teaching professional.



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Fernando "Rocky" Graciano
English Salon
Language Foundation

I encourage you to become part of the English Salon Workshop. I especially thank our educators, researchers and staff for making our English Salon Workshop educational, productive and fun. 

Ten years ago, the English Salon started in a Chinese coffee shop. My students asked me if they could practice their English. I learned from my students their various reasons for learning English. Some students believed English was fun to learn. Other students had a more serious and necessary reason. Each year, my students struggled to pass the CET-4/CET-6 college exam. English had become necessary for employment and advancement in their early career. I developed the English Salon Workshop to give students a chance to improve their language skills. Soon after, my students' exam scores increased. More importantly, upon graduation, my students were hired by some of the largest international companies throughout Asia. I love to receive emails and photos from my graduate students about their career success. I am proud of my students' achievements. I know English Salon Workshops have a lasting positive impact. I know this because my students, parents, teachers and school administrators tell me.

Thank you for your support !




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